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Why Quran Memorization is important?

Quran Memorization or Hifz

Do you want Hifz classes? You know Hifz is an important and time consuming task, Hafiz and Hafiza get unlimited respect in our society. Online Quran academy working UK based and also provides online Quran memorization courses. The online Quran academy have qualified and professional staff that have techniques how to memorize the Holy Quran online. If you want to memorize the Holy Quran, because you are lived in UK and having no such Madrassa fir Hifz, get online Quran classes and learn more. 


For memorizing it’s important for parents to don’t force their kids to memorization because if the children memorize by hear and love he/she learn more. Even by children in initial age Hifz the Holy Quran because it’s one of the miracles of Holy Quran that can be memorized word to word in the whole world. With Tajweed your pronunciation is stronger as compared to without Tajweed. At the time of Holy Prophet SAW, writing only for the purpose of storing, in that time also people used memorize technique to store the knowledge in their hearts.  Many online platforms are working and Online Quran Academy UK also provides the best services.

Memorizing Holy Quran is still honorable even in an advanced world, and we believed that Allah’s countless blessings upon us when we read, recite and memorize the Holy Quran. It’s upon Allah Almighty Who chooses someone for memorizing the Holy Book. Many online Quran academies are here that provide expert tutors that guide you well.

Memorization Recommended age

Get Online Skype Quran Classes for memorization of the Holy Quran. Mostly they have the online Quran memorization course for each age group but the most preferable age is 3 to 5 because at this age kids easily memorize everything. They pick knowledge effectively. It depends upon your kid’s mentality which time period required for memorization. Choose male or female staff for learning the Holy Quran according to your choice.

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