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How Online Quran with Tajweed is Best for your Kids?


Online Quran academy is an easy way for you to learn Holy Quran and Islamic education on one platform. Come and learn Holy Quran with the expert tutors. It’s a perfect way for Muslims to read, recite and understand the basic rules of the Holy Quran. According to Sunnah and Hadith, you learn the Islamic courses. Online Quran Academy in the UK is the best way to connect with expert Quran tutors.

According to the selected days and times of your class, you can start your Quran lessons with a male or female Quran tutor according to your choice. With tajweed, it’s the best way to learn the Holy Quran because Tajweed means the pronunciation of the Holy Quran. Daily base Tajweed classes are best to learn properly, the qualified tutors of online Quran academy correct the mistakes of students in one to one class.

Tajweed start from basic Tajweed courses, after that, Online Quran Academy tutors recommend advanced tajweed course because in this course you seek more about tajweed. To get the children attractions, tutors tell them Islamic stories.

Only the qualified and world’s best Quran teachers teach the Quran with Tajweed at Online Quran Classes that are UK based.

Importance of Tajweed

It’s very important to correct recitation of the Holy Quran, it’s not possible without knowledge of Tajweed. That is an important reason they provide a Tajweed course for you.

  • Recitation without Tajweed is the first form of mistake. Without Tajweed maybe a reader read and recite the Holy Quran wrong that is not best.

And the second most common type of mistake is related to non-compliance with the recitation rules. Reading the Quran also has rules, which in certain cases a person must stop and read more in several places. You get online Tajweed classes as days and time you want. In week, you can take 3 or more classes with best tutors.

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